Six Points You Should Know About Scaffold Hire

Many building and other companies hire the scaffolding they need to get their projects done rather than buy the materials and erect it themselves. This is because scaffolding is really in a genre of its own and needs professionals to design and erect it, especially when it is for building skyscrapers or other huge projects. If you are seeking a scaffold hire company, here are six points to consider: –

    • Does the scaffold hire company have a good reputation in the industry? You will be able to find out by contacting other building companies that have used them. You can also look at their website to see which other companies have used them or to look for testimonials. A good reputation is not only about providing quality products, but also about being on time and within budget. If the scaffolding is late going up, your project completion will be delayed

  • Does the company employ engineering professionals to design the kind of scaffolding that you will need? Generic scaffolding may not suit your project. If you need a special design, you will need an engineer to design it to ensure strength and stability.
  • Can the company also supply labour to erect the scaffold? Erecting scaffold is a job for highly trained professionals. There should at the very least be some kind of training for your own employees if they have to erect it. However, in many cases it is far more cost effective to use a company that provides labour and also other specialist staff for overseeing the task or for other work such as crane driving.
  • Does the cost of the scaffold include dismantling it as well as erecting it? Will they replace faulty scaffolding? You also need to see a breakdown of costs so that you know just what you are paying for.
  • Does the scaffold suit the purpose it is intended for? There are many different materials and types of scaffolding. Some are meant for lighter, low work, while others are meant for heavy duty, high-rise work. Find out what specifications are needed for your project and make sure the right one is delivered to ensure maximum safety.
  • Competitive pricing. Check out a few different scaffold hire companies to find out what the going rate is. Naturally you want competitive prices, but you may not find that the cheapest one is the best. Find out about their quality and the services they offer before making a decision. It could be that a mid-range price offers more value.

Once you have ticked all the boxes of your requirements for hiring scaffold, you can be sure that what you get is exactly what you need. Your project can then go ahead within the right time frame and budget.

Six Points You Should Know About Scaffold Hire
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