Tips On Using Small Kitchen Space Effectively

Small kitchen affects not only the style but also the function of a kitchen. The kitchen is most important part of our home, and a properly designed kitchen can make the big difference to the interior of a complete home. There are many small-small changes which can make a big difference.

So to help you with your small kitchen, here we are sharing some tips which can make your small kitchen look spacious and beautiful.

  • Use Small Appliances

As you have less space in your kitchen, buy the appliances accordingly. Don’t buy unnecessarily big appliances; it will not affect style and function of your kitchen. In a market, you will easily get a smaller size of appliances. So buy which suits best to your requirements.

  • Single-Bowl Sink

I understand that double bowl sink is more comfortable to use than single bowl sink, but using single-bowl sink saves almost a foot of space. Different styles of sinks are available, so buy one stylish single bowl sink and you are one step near to you small yet stylish kitchen.

  • Use walls

Mount racks on the wall to use them to store utensils. In a small kitchen, walls are not a just wall for showcasing arts and calendar but use it for properly arranging your hang-able utensils here. You can also install magnetic knife rack. You can install more than one rack and can arrange more utensils.

  • Less Use Of Hardware

In a small kitchen, it is imperative to use fewer handles and knobs as it can make difficult to move inside the kitchen. So, rather than using knobs or handles, you can use slender pulls. This will make the kitchen look elegant and sleek.

  • Pullout Pantry

A place between the fridge and wall can be used as for roll out pantry, where you can place cans and bottles. This is a nice way to manage it. This will take less space and give proper storage to it. At the same time, it will give a style to your kitchen.

  • Touch Cabinets To Ceiling

Rather than just having short foot cabinets, have ceiling-height cabinets which will provide space for extra storage. You may think that these ceiling height cabinets will not be accessible than what is the use of it. You can keep the utensils here which you use less frequent.

  • No To Door

Simply remove the kitchen door; this will make it look much spacious. This also will give to extra space to move in. It will make it easy to work in the small kitchen as only style and storage are not everything, functionality also matters.

You may already have some of these things in your kitchen. These are very small changes which you can do easily in your kitchen without spending much money. Try some more of it in your kitchen and feel the difference. If you need any help related to it or have any query, you can comment below or call us at given number. We will be happy to help you.

Tips On Using Small Kitchen Space Effectively
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