Get Yourself a Pebble-Bottom Finish Pool

Have you come across a movie scene or photos of Sydney Landscaping work that had a tropical pool at the back-drop that caught your attention and you wished you could install one? Yes, it happens! The pastoral look perfectly harmonized with the natural surroundings can be quite captivating. But then the thought of the entire affair being an expensive one or the slim chances of your backyard space might lead in delaying your plans. Think again! Rather than making presumptions you can read on the details and figure out the cost.

Pebble Pool Finishes

Pebble finishes are a type of exposed aggregate finish that gives the pools a perfect pastoral or blue-lagoon design. There are a huge assortment of textures and color combination to choose from. Many people are unaware of the fact that skilled professionals or pool builders apply pebble finishes by hand unlike other finishes where machines are used. After completion of the pebble bottom application on the pool, a water and muriatic acid concoction is used to powder wash the finish. It is the powder wash that does the magic by removing all the unwanted concrete from the top layer to expose the beautiful colored pebbles leaving the pool looking ravishing.


Pebble pool finishes are very popular for their two exclusive features- Durability and versatility.

  1. Durability:
  • Unlike the traditional plaster pool surfaces, they are much tougher.
  • They do not wear-out defying all possibilities of staining and engraving.
  • In terms of thickness a single pebble finish is equal to most of the classic plaster finishes. With pebbled-bottom the pool finish becomes very tough and thick as several layers of strong stone are bound along with tinted/white plaster.
  • They are thicker and last for a long period. The longevity strikingly works in saving huge maintenance expenses in future that people often forget to calculate when opting for other type of pool designs.
  1. Versatile:
    • Color: Pebble finishes are available in a huge variety of colors. The colors are designed to be stable and reliable. Furthermore, if in future you need a spot-fix, you can easily color-match the specific spot
    • Texture: The pebble texture is designed with brilliance to give pools a natural finish. Each and every pebble has a glossy and refined texture that increases the overall effect. They are very comfortable on hands and feet.

  • Stone sizes: They come in different shapes and sizes. Depending on the requirement any suitable shape or stone size can be availed.
  • Stone material: The stone materials are mostly made up of river pebbles making them chemically inert. Thus, there is no chance that they would in any way react with the water of the swimming pool, or other chemicals. This is the reason behind pebble-bottom finish being resistant to any form of attacks which assists them to maintain their wonderful luster through time.

The pebbled-bottom finish along with the mini-pebble surfaces has been a hit for they blend superbly with any pool contour or spa design.

Get Yourself a Pebble-Bottom Finish Pool
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