10 Key Questions You Must Answer When Choosing Glass Balustrading Fences

The use of glass balustrading fences inside and outside properties has increased significantly in recent years. Their appeal is their modern appearance, as well as their practical use, given that they are durable, lasting for many years and can be easily installed by glass company. Glass balustrading fences are also important safety features in certain locations such as around pools and balconies.

If thinking of glass balustrading fences for your home, we hope you have asked yourself and answered some important questions. These questions ensure you make the right choice relating to your glass balustrading fences including who is going to install them. Here are ten of those key questions you must be able to answer before proceeding.

What Locations Around Your Property Do You Want Glass Balustrading Fences?

It should be obvious that before you make any other decision, you must first decide which locations around your property are suitable for glass balustrading fences. If you need some ideas do some research online or call a local glass balustrading company for advice.

What Height Does Your Fence Need To Be?

This may be determined by current legislation, so, for example, glass balustrading fences around your pool, must be a minimum height of 12 metres. For other locations, the height should be influenced by your family’s ages such as there being toddlers or adults only.

What Style Of Fencing Do You Want?

Once you start researching glass balustrading fences you will soon discover that there are multiple options for their style. This applies to the type of glass and to the balustrade posts used to support the glass. You also may choose between frameless and semi-frameless fencing.

What Budget Do You Have?

The final decisions you make about the styling of your glass balustrading fences, and indeed, how many you are going to have, will ultimately boil down to your budget. If it is limited it may restrict some of your choices.

Have You Checked Your Local Council’s Regulations?

The last thing you want is to install glass balustrading fences, only for your local council to cry foul as it does not meet their regulations, To avoid this, check what your local council regulations are before making a final decision.

Are You DIYing Or Hiring Professionals?

You can purchase glass balustrading fences and install them yourself, however, if doing so you must know exactly how to do so safely. Otherwise, we strongly recommend employing proven glass balustrading professionals.

Which Glass Balustrading Professionals Will You Be Using?

If you are using professionals for your glass balustrading fences, ensure you choose them wisely. Check for positive testimonials, that they have the necessary experience, and also that they offer you a free quotation.

Are They Insured?

Do not assume this to be the case. Always check what their insurance covers and that written reference to it is included in the contract. You epically want them to be insured for medical expenses should one of their employees be working on your property.

What Product Guarantees Do They Offer?

A reputable and professional glass balustrading company will provide written guarantees not just for the fencing but for their workmanship too, and it should last a reasonable number of years.

What Support Is Available After Installation?

Finally, determine what post-installation support they offer such as advice on maintenance, or if you simply have a concern. Also, enquire what remedial services they offer should any glass be accidentally cracked or broken.

10 Key Questions You Must Answer When Choosing Glass Balustrading Fences
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