5 Ways to Add Value to Your Property with Limestone

People have been using stone of various kinds for hundreds of years as building supplies. There are many types of stone and each has a distinctive look and colour to it that creates a beautiful surface and enhances its surroundings. Limestone blocks especially have a unique texture and colour that make it one of the most popular stones for building, even though it is not as hard as some other types.

In fact, limestone is so popular that it has been developed into a more durable and hard stone by crushing it and mixing it with cement and sometimes an aggregate such as small pebbles is added to the mix. These then show up through the surface adding texture and interest and creating a mix of colours that are pleasing to the eye.

There are many ways to add value to your home with limestone, but not only will its use add value to the property; it will also enhance your lifestyle by adding pleasure and purpose to many areas. This can be an even more important reason to go ahead with building a project using limestone bricks or blocks.

  1. Adding an outdoor dining and entertaining area with pavers of limestone will not only look beautiful, it will give you and your friends many hours of pleasure as you enjoy alfresco meals or simply relax in the cool of the evening. To add life and colour back into the paved area you can use big or small garden pots with a variety of plants, this makes it easier to maintain and gives you the chance to move them around when needed.

2. A feature wall or half-wall along the front of your home can add that wow factor better than any other component, especially when it is made of stacked limestone blocks. This beautiful feature would grace your home and draw the eye of everyone who enters the gate. It can also add privacy, block out glare from the sun and even cast cool shade across the home so it is decorative as well as useful.

3. A retaining wall made from limestone blocks will also enhance your garden and plants, allowing the eye to sweep along the lawn or the driveway taking pleasure in the beauty you have created. Whether it is a low wall that is just for looks, or a high wall that becomes a windbreak or holds soil back on a sloping block, it will add beauty to your home.

4. A front pathway and mailbox made of limestone will give your home street appeal and keep your mail safe, while giving you and your visitors a firm and durable foundation to access your home.

5. If you have a swimming pool, surrounding it with limestone will add appeal while providing a non-slip surface for the children to run on.

Limestone is not just for residential properties; it is suitable for use in many commercial properties to add value and aesthetics in whatever way it is used. Flooring, walls, fences and many different types of features have all been created using this lovely building material.

There are many different ways you can use limestone in and around your home. Taking note of the colours and types available, and the way it has been used in other homes can give you much inspiration to create something of beauty that many generations to come will get joy and use from. And if you can ever bear to sell, it will certainly create a positive influence on potential buyers who will immediately see the value.

5 Ways to Add Value to Your Property with Limestone