4 Ways You Can Save with a Colorbond Roof

Most people have a budget when it comes to building a home, so are interested in finding out all the ways they can save. Of course, you can save on the materials you build with, but it is not wise to use inferior materials. You want your home to last in good condition for as long as possible, not fall down in the first storm.

If you are looking to save, think about what you can do to your home that will save you money over the long term – the life of the building. This is where a Colorbond roof comes into its own. When you use Colorbond steel sheets for your roof you not only get a sturdy roof that will last for at least 50 years; you get a roof that will cut down on the running costs of the home for that length of time. How?

A Colorbond roof has thermal properties baked into it along with the colours – most of them anyway. This means that it will cost much less to heat and cool in the coming years. You won’t have to endure a home that is freezing or boiling hot, or pay a fortune to have it cooled or heated, no matter what the weather’s doing outside.

Colorbond roofing is also low maintenance so it is not likely to spring a leak like tiles roofs often do once a single tile gets a bit loose. You won’t have to pay for a tiler to come and repair your roof, or find water damage to the ceiling after a storm, that costs an arm and a leg to repair. You won’t have to repaint it – or if you do it will not be for a long time.

When Colorbond is installed properly, it makes a durable and strong roof for your home. It is fire resistant and leaves few niches for sparks or embers to lodge in if you live in an area that is prone to bushfires. This gives you great peace of mind as you will find it much easier to protect your home. And you will save on the cost of replacing a roof that degrades quickly.

When it is time to replace it, you will find that it is 100% recyclable, so there will be little wastage. You may even be able to sell the old steel and put the cost towards the new roof.

So there are four ways to save with a Colorbond roof: –

  1. You save on the cost of running the home over its lifetime
  2. You save on maintenance and repairs
  3. You save on the cost of replacing an inferior roof or tiles that blew off.
  4. And you save a lot of stress and worry when you know the roof is sturdy and durable.

That makes using Colorbond for your roof really worthwhile

4 Ways You Can Save with a Colorbond Roof
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