Landscaping Trends of 2022

As each year passes, new landscaping trends start popping up across the country. Many homeowners are looking for something unique and aesthetically pleasing that makes them stand out in their neighbourhood.

If the new year on the horizon has you looking at your landscaping options, here are a few of the most exciting ones, picked by Complete Projects WA, to start your 2022 with a bang.

A Wildlife Haven

While landscaping for your own needs will always be a popular trend, 2022 will mark the beginning of a new movement: landscaping for wildlife.

Whether you want to hear birds singing in your trees or enjoy knowing you’re giving wildlife a home, it can be a worthwhile consideration to make.

Ask your local landscaping experts about specific plants to attract wildlife, native trees and bushes for shelter, and shrubs for nectar and seeds. A few minor additions can be all it takes to create a wildlife-friendly backyard.

A Mental Health Retreat

Many studies have looked at nature as something that benefits our mind, body, and spirit. In recent years, there has been more focus on our mental health than ever before.

So, it makes complete sense that 2022 will be the year homeowners start looking at ways to make their gardens and yards more mental health-friendly. Fortunately, there are so many options that can tie in with your current house design.

You can create a seating area within your garden that you can use when you want to feel calm and at peace. The simple act of sitting in nature may have more of an impact on your mental health than you might think.

You might also see the value in water features like fountains and birdbaths and growing herbs that you can harvest for delicious meals in the kitchen.

Easy-Care Gardens

It seems that our lives are only getting busier, with hectic work schedules, long commutes, and family life. Not everyone wants to spend their spare time tending to their gardens, yet they still wish for beautiful gardens that they can admire.

Grasses, stones, and succulents can all be excellent options for low-maintenance and lovely gardens. They suit modern and classic homes while withstanding most drought conditions with ease.

Entertainment Paradise

Many people spend their spare time socialising with friends and family. You might catch a movie, visit a local café, or even go for a walk. However, if you had a garden set up for entertaining, you might spend more of your free time there.

Many landscaping experts can assist with creating a backyard fit for an entertainer. Fire pits, swimming pools, spa areas, and quaint patios with beautiful lighting can all be possibilities. It may surprise you just how many design options are available now and in the years to come.

An Outdoor Lounge

It’s hard to spend hours on end outdoors when you’re sitting on an uncomfortable seat with nothing to do and with total exposure to the elements. In 2022, landscaping experts expect to see a gradual shift towards outdoor lounge areas that combine the best of the outdoors with the convenience and comfort of the indoors.

Rugs, fireplaces, soft furnishings, and TVs may become key players in this indoor-outdoor entertainment revolution.

You may not have any ideas in mind for your backyard just yet, but that doesn’t matter. With a new year on the horizon, plenty of new landscaping trends will likely grab your attention and have you phoning your local landscaping team sooner rather than later.

Landscaping Trends of 2022