Does Your Landscape Architecture Firm’s Website Design Have These 7 Essential Features?

Whether you are building a car, a house, or a website, they each have core elements or features which they must have regardless of what they look like or how they function when completed. In the case of building a website for your landscaping architecture firm, the expert web designers will advise you that whether it is the most complex of websites, or the simplest, it must have certain essential features.

The question now is if you feel that your website is not performing in a manner that you believe to be beneficial to your landscaping architecture firm, then is it the case that it is missing one or more of the core features necessary for it to do so? To help you identify what these core features are, and confirm if they are present or not, here is a brief explanation of each of them

All Onsite SEO In Place: If your website is not appearing on the first page of the search engines and there is no sign of its rankings improving then there is something wrong with your SEO. Check that the onsite SEO of a quality website is all in place, 100% accurate, and optimised for all of the keywords that you want to rank for.

Simple Navigation Throughout: A great website will never have a confused visitor, wondering what page they are on, and unsure how they can navigate, either to another page or back to the home page. This is achieved using simple navigation, with the most common being a menu appearing at the top or the side of each page of the website.

Strong And Consistent Branding: A website is a means to your branding becoming stronger, and your company being easily recognisable within its marketplace. To fulfil this aim a website should have the company logo positioned strategically throughout it, and the colours, fonts, and other graphics should match the branding of the company as closely as possible.

A Variety Of Top Quality Content: One of the most important functions of a website is to give those who visit a reason to remain at least to return at a later date. This can be fulfilled by the website having plenty of excellent high-quality content which provides visitors with information, advice, news, and even some entertainment. It should also be diverse so, rather than page upon page of text, multimedia content such as images and videos should be published.

Carefully Crafted Copywriting: To persuade visitors to take specific actions such as enter their email address, request a quotation, or call your sales team, they need to be persuaded to do so, and that is the role of great copywriting. If your website has just text, but it does nothing to persuade visitors to act, it is never going to convert.

Fully Tested Functionality: This refers to the necessity for your website to function 24/7, and for everything within it to work properly. It should do so if it was designed by professionals, but if it tends to load slowly, has error messages, and crashes, then you have a serious problem to resolve.

Viewable On Multiple Devices: This should not be an issue for a newer website but if yours is several years old, you must check to see if it is configured to be viewed on all devices including mobile phones. If not, you need to sort this quickly as it means those accessing the internet on mobile devices are not able to view your website properly.

Does Your Landscape Architecture Firm’s Website Design Have These 7 Essential Features?