Window Replacements For A Living Room Makeover

A living room is a room where we spend our most precious moments. Its decoration always plays a vital part to complete our living in the home. We often thought about making a change in our living room decor but because of lack of time and ideas; we don’t consider doing it.

Now, if you have considered doing it, then there are several elements to work upon. But the most important element in a living room is Windows. We often do everything for a living room makeover but most of the times it’s the glass and windows that we ignore.

Window is the Face of the Homes

Windows are the key ingredient of a room; it plays many parts rather than just looking outside or letting the sun rays in. If you really want to get a perfect living room, then you should give a try to few of these windows decorating tips that can make you feel awesome:

  1. The first thing to consider while decorating your living room is the right treatment for windows. If your room is decorated like a lodge system, then you can consider wood blinds for your windows. Wood blinds will serve as perfection for the theme of your room and will serve the purpose of windows also. It will add to your privacy, and whenever you want the sun rays, you can put the blinds off.
  2. It is not necessary to use the wood blinds alone. You can blend these wood blinds with some fabrics and other materials that you are using for your windows treatments. This would add appeal to the overall texture of the room and its theme. Adding fabrics to your wooden blinds will soften up the look and provide your room with a fresh look.
  3. If you have light, airy windows, then you can consider using scallops and side tabs. It just looks fantastic on airy windows. Although, it is simple yet it is effective. The addition of scallops and side tabs will allow you to tie your curtains at the side of the walls for a beautiful ambience. A scallop always adds a style and appeal to the windows.
  4. If you have wooden windows, then you can get them painted with new shades to match the interior of your room. This will add zip to your living room decor. You can also add newly style fashion locks that will ensure the safety and security to the room.
  5. If your idea is to have heavy fabrics, then you can consider using fabric vertical blinds for a stylish and unique window treatment. You can consider using those kinds of fabrics that will provide a drape illusion to the eyes. But this thing is to be kept in mind that this illusion must have a lighter feel. The advantages of using the vertical drapes are that you can avoid dealing with the professional cleaning.


These are few tips that you can consider for window replacements for your perfect living room. All of these treatments are in budget and are easily available online as well as stores nearby. For more queries you can use our comment box.

Window Replacements For A Living Room Makeover