Electrical Safety Tips for Home Renovators

Home renovators often become their own renovating expert due to necessity. There are many jobs that a handyman can do around the home and when they get to work, it can certainly save money on the cost of renovations. However, any professional experienced electrical contractor will tell you that doing work you are not qualified for is not only dangerous, it can end up costing you more.  Here are some electrical safety tips for you if you are planning to renovate your home.

  • Do not bend any electrical lead or wiring, it could get damaged and become unsafe.
  • Don’t leave electrical leads lying around the floor where you or others can trip over them.
  • Don’t leave extension leads or power boards out in the hot sun or rain.
  • Don’t use them unless they are rated for home renovations.
  • Never piggy back double adaptors on any kind of power board or power point.
  • Become familiar with your fuse box in case the power goes out. Some use a trip wire to prevent burning if too many appliances are on at one time. Knowing how to flick the trip switch back on can save the cost of an electrician’s visit.
  • Be aware that most electrical work should be done by trained electricians.
  • Know what is okay for you to do.

Here is a list that details all the things DIYers can do without having to get an electrician in.

  • You can install pool pumps, garden lights and smoke detectors that are battery operated.
  • You can install certain kinds of solar lights – those that are self contained.
  • You are allowed to install light bulbs – just be sure you get correctly rated ones to avoid a fire.
  • If your home has old style fuses you can change and rewire them, but it is really better if you let an electrician put in a circuit breaker to replace them.
  • You can install an electric oven in the wall, but you are not allowed to connect it to the power.
  • Likewise, you can also cut an opening for a portable a/c unit but an electrician must connect it up.
  • You are allowed to replace the drive belt in a washing machine.

Remember that electricity is not something to be taken lightly. It is a dangerous thing that can potentially cause a great many nasty problems if not treated with respect. In addition to those problems, you will also be in trouble with the law, since electrical work is carefully monitored and regulated by the government. So don’t take risks that are not necessary, but use your skills where they can do the most good, in renovating things you are qualified to do.

Electrical Safety Tips for Home Renovators