Basic Tools for Gardening

If you have just moved into your first home you’ll be thrilled and elated that finally you can have everything the way you want without a landlord breathing down your neck. However, if you’ve only lived in rentals before, you may not have had the chance to do much landscaping, so to keep your new yard looking pristine you’ll need at least a few different garden tools.

Here is a list of basic tools that garden experts from use, that you should be getting even if you’ve never had the chance to get your fingers dirty in the garden.

  • Grass and leaf rake. This is something everyone with a backyard that has trees or shrubs needs. Even if you use the grass-catcher on the mower, there will be stray leaves drifting down onto the lawn that need to be raked up.
  • Garden rake. This is for raking over soil, not over the lawn. When you dig up soil for a garden you need to break the clods up and even the soil out with the rake.
  • Garden fork. If the soil is not too compacted, a fork is useful for digging in prepared garden beds to mix in mulch and fertiliser
  • Short handled spade. You can dig a new garden or loosen the soil of an old one with the spade. It’s also useful to dig holes to plant shrubs and flowers – and to tidy the edges of the bed.

  • If you are going to grow vegetables, both a chipping hoe and a three-pronged hoe are useful for marking out rows and chipping out weeds between them.
  • If you are going to start a garden bed from scratch where there is thick grass, you may need a mattock. The narrow blade will penetrate through the grass and loosen it so you can pull it out. Especially good for soil that is hard through not being dug up before.
  • There are several difference types of edges that are used to keep the edge of your path or paved area looking neat and tidy, rather than having grass grow over it.
  • Small hand tools are also useful when planting out seeds and seedlings. Hand forks and trowels are the most useful.
  • A wheelbarrow of some kind will be useful to cart heavy garden things such as fertiliser or mulch around, or to help remove prunings.
  • You’ll need some kind of protective gloves to keep your hands cleaner and prevent blisters and scratches.
  • A hat and sturdy boots are also good investments for gardening to protect you from sunburn and scratches in the garden. Never garden in bare feet or thongs as spiders can hide under a clod of earth and bite you if disturbed.
Basic Tools for Gardening
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