5 Great Outdoor Lighting Ideas For Your Concrete Swimming Pool

One of the great things about having a concrete pool on your property is that you have an almost unlimited choice of how to design it and the surrounding area. Not only does it add value to your property but the way in which the aesthetics of your property can be enhanced by a concrete pool is incredible.

Landscape Designers www.spacedesigns.com.au tell us an option for enhancing it further is with the use of outdoor lighting, which can turn what might look like a pleasant and attractive pool area during the day, into a stunningly beautiful location at night. To get the wheels turning in your mind in terms of ideas, here are 5 of our favourite options for outdoor lighting for pools.

Underwater Lights

This is one of our favourites as nothing makes a pool more appealing for a swim at night than the lights that are underwater. Not only can they make a pool look stunning, especially if they are coloured lights, but they perform a more practical function in terms of making the pool safer. With the water lit from underneath it is easier to see that someone is in the pool especially if the surrounding light is not particularly bright.


These are great when you want specific features in and around the outside of your property to be highlighted at night. You may have a tree, certain flowers, or it could be some items of the gardening and landscape design or poolside furniture that you want to shine a light on. If you install some adjustable spotlights they can be positioned to shine on the pool when it is being used, and again the use of coloured lighting will enhance the atmosphere.


if instead of wanting to have lights shining on specific items, you want to have the whole area flooded with light, then you will not be surprised to learn that it is floodlights you need to install for this. One or more floodlights can light up an area so that it is as bright and as close to daylight as it is possible to get. Not only will floodlights make the pool a safer place but using them all around your garden makes it come to life at night.

Pathway Lights

Using outdoor lighting along pathways and up and down stairs not only helps people to see where they are walking, but it can add a whole new aspect to the aesthetics of your garden and your pool area.

You can go further and add pathway lights on along the approach to  the pool meaning that the way is lit all the way from the house door to the steps into the pool. The lights can be powered by a mixture of battery, electric, or solar-power where the lights are charged during the day by sunlight and operate at night.

String Lights

These are some of the prettiest outdoor lights that you can use, and they provide you with a multitude of options as to where you can hang them although they should never be strung directly above or across the pool.

They come in a variety of bulb sizes, and given that they are relatively inexpensive, you can go to town with them in the sense that you can buy lots of them and have them strung all around your garden and decking areas.

5 Great Outdoor Lighting Ideas For Your Concrete Swimming Pool